Support Us

York International Shakespeare Festival is currently very much a labour of love, run by an experienced team of festival makers and community artists, working pro bono to keep this unique festival alive, and to bring high-quality international theatre to York.

At a time when the arts and cultural sector is struggling to find support, and when our connections to funding for international collaboration have been dramatically reduced, we need all the help we can get.

We are fortunate that the festival is held in high regard by our international colleagues, who support us as much as they can, chiefly by working with us to obtain funds in their own countries to cover the costs of travel and accommodation. It is a sad fact that similar funds do not currently exist in the UK.

So we need your help.

There are three ways you can make a difference to the Festival – 

Firstly, attend as many events as possible and buy tickets. Our ticket prices are kept reasonably low, to make it possible for everyone to get a ticket that might want one. However, box office income is an important income stream for us.

Secondly, you can support us with a donation – these are channelled through Parrabbola, the community arts company who manage all our back office and administration. There’s a link here ( to their donation page, and you can specify that the donation is to support the work of the festival.

Thirdly, you can contribute time and knowledge and experience. We are currently run by a very small team, and we’re not always based in York. We want to build bigger and better partnerships in the city, and create a real organisational base here. So if you have useful skills around administration, marketing, publicity, organisation (whether it’s arts based or not) then these would be really helpful – running the festival is a year round project with ongoing funding applications and partner planning starting now for 2025 and beyond. If you feel you could help then just get in touch – email and we’ll set up a conversation.

Most of all – tell your friends: encourage them to attend shows or try something new in the festival. Follow and share our social media to help us spread the word. You are our best advocates and friends, and we’re grateful to work with you. With your help, #YorkShakes will be around for many years to come!