Polish Shakespeare Theatre Posters

This exhibition celebrates the tradition and importance of theatre posters in Poland and other Eastern European countries under Communist rule. While all productions had artist designed posters, new productions of Shakespeare were eagerly awaited, and the plays were seen as dangerous and subversive.

As well as promoting the productions, the posters were themselves works of art, often a vehicle for the artist and the company to reinforce the focus of their work and sometimes to conceal a political and social message.

These posters are all part of the holding of the Birmingham Shakespeare Memorial Library,

The Birmingham Shakespeare Memorial Library holds over 100,000 items in 95 languages, spanning the globe over the past 450 years. Research into the collection is ongoing, including the provenance of these posters and the artists who created them. 

‘Everything to Everybody’ is a National Lottery Heritage Funded collaboration between the University of Birmingham that runs until December 2023. Working with academic institutions, arts organisations, community partners and volunteers, it aims to restore, raise awareness of and celebrate this extraordinary and unique collection. For more information please go to www.everythingtoeverybody.bham.ac.uk or search ‘E2EShakespeare’ on social media. 

This Exhibition is hosted by York Explore at York Central Library, Library Square, York YO1 7DS, and is open during library opening hours throughout the festival period.