Documenting The Tempest

Lynne O’Dowd and John Saunders

Lynne O’Dowd

My first encounter with the Yorkshire Shakespeare Project was in 2019, when I was embedded with Ben Prusiner’s Cymbeline rehearsals, in preparation for Y.I.S.F Artist in Residence later that year.
In contrast to working as a commercial sculptor, where commissions demand specific results, drawing in rehearsals affords the freedom to simply respond to the energy and dedication of the actors’ transforming into character, and see what emerges.
It’s an accumulative process relying on repetition and familiarity with the scenes, cast and crew and the Directors’ structural interpretation and staging of This Tempest.
Extracts from the sessions have been collated to illustrate this treasured time, from first reading to formal dress rehearsals.
Always a joy – with Thanks to All

John Saunders

I am a lifelong theatregoer and keen photographer. Since 2012 I have photographed many theatre productions including 14 for the York Shakespeare Project which aimed to perform all of Shakespeare’s known plays over a period of 20 years.

In late 2022, The Tempest was the last of the plays to be staged and was performed in seven small venues around York with the final performance in the main house at York Theatre Royal. My images were all taken at the dress rehearsal in Thorganby Village Hall where the only lighting was the hall’s overheard fluorescents.

The exhibition will be on display throughout the festival period, when there are performances at Friargate Theatre